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You can now scale websites efficiently without any downtime or outages even if there is a rapid increase in traffic. Our Cloud Hosting offers several features which make it better than “regular” Shared Hosting. What’s more, you can manage your websites on the Cloud through the familiar interface – cPanel.

Personal CloudBusiness CloudPro Cloud
CPU Cores246
Disk SpaceUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Yearly (10% OFF)£10.79/mo£14.39/mo£17.99/mo
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Personal Cloud
CPU Cores2
Disk SpaceUnmetered
Yearly (10% OFF)£10.79/mo
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Business Cloud
CPU Cores4
Disk SpaceUnmetered
Yearly (10% OFF)£14.39/mo
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Pro Cloud
CPU Cores6
Disk SpaceUnmetered
Yearly (10% OFF)£17.99/mo
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CPU Cores-
Disk Space-
Yearly (10% OFF)-
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All of our accounts include the following features as standard

Robust Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

Robust Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

Powerful Control Panel

Powerful Control Panel

  • Worlds Leading Hosting Control Panel


    We believe not only in providing our customers with the easiest way to manage their hosting, but also in investing in industry leading technology. cPanel is our chosen account management solution. To view a demo of our cPanel, click here.

    All of our accounts include the cPanel account management software which provides customers with a simple online administration area. This area can be found at and is where all account related tasks are done. Tasks include:

    • Creation of new email accounts
    • Creation of email forwarders and auto-replies
    • Creation of databases and database users
    • Managing files and online editing of website content
    • Full remote backup management
    • Installation of scripts using Softaculous
    • Monitoring website statistics and traffic information
    • Security features such as hot-link protection and more
    • Addon and Park domain management
    • Configuration of error messages
  • Manage Web Pages, View Website Statistics, Create Email Accounts etc.
  • Fully Managed Support

    Ready to harness the benefits of cloud hosting services but not sure how to go about it? Don’t worry, our team of expert support agents is here to help you utilize our cloud infrastructure to its maximum potential.

Ultrafast Cloud Hosting

Ultrafast Cloud Hosting

  • 2X Faster

    With top-of-the line cloud hosting infrastructure, leveraging high end processors, high performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our new cloud hosting services give you the performance your site is looking for.

  • Infinitely Scalable

    Monitor resource utilization on your cloud hosting plan and allocate additional CPU/RAM on demand! Simply click the upgrade button on the control panel for more server resources to be provisioned for your site. No intrusive downtime or platform migration is required and there will be no surprise usage fees on your next hosting bill, you are in complete control!

  • Integrated Caching

    Our fully integrated caching solution ensures that your site is optimized to deliver content fast while freeing up important compute resources to work on more dynamic requests.

  • Automated Failover

    The industry leading Ceph-based storage system with Automatic Failover ensures 3 copies of data stored are in different locations, across different drives and cabinets.

  • Rocksolid Stability

    Our cloud hosting sets a fresh benchmark in reliability with adequate mirroring and dynamic provisioning. In case of any hardware issues, all sites will automatically failover to a stable server without any downtime.

  • See our full FAQ
Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting that has become extremely popular over the past few years. The main concept of cloud hosting is "Divide and Rule" – the resources required for maintaining your website are spread across a cluster of servers that work together, termed as "the cloud". This greatly reduces chances of any downtimes in case of a server malfunction. When a website is hosted on shared hosting, the website is placed on the same server as many other sites, ranging from a few to hundreds. Typically in this setup, all domains share resources, such as RAM and CPU from the same server. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, offers nearly unlimited ability to handle high traffic spikes. On Cloud, your website is hosted not only on one but on several servers connected to work as one. Your websites don’t depend on only one Server– even if one server is inaccessible, the Data is retrieved and processed by the other available servers with no downtime

Optional extras

Customise your hosting package with our range of extra services

Dedicated IP from £3.49 / mo
1GB RAM from £1.99 / mo
1 Core CPU from £2.99 / mo
SSL Certificates from £29.99 /yr
CodeGuard Backups from £1.99 /mo

Dedicated IP

Benefit from a dedicated static IP for your service providing added resilience and control

Additional RAM

Increase the memory resource on your Cloud Hosting package without needing to upgrade the package by simply adding up to 8GB of RAM to your account.

Additional CPU cores

Increase the processing resource on your Cloud Hosting package without needing to upgrade the package by simply adding up to 8 CPU cores on demand.