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Our Servers

We are delighted to offer a range of hosting for every possible requirement. Our shared hosting is great to get you up and running, but for the more serious hosting needs we have a range of Virtual private Servers and Dedicated Solutions. All Floppynet hosting, reseller and VPS accounts are UK based.

If you would like to host multiple websites on a small platform, perhaps even run a small hosting company or manage your clients accounts all in one place, consider our Reseller Hosting package from just £35/month.

For the same functionality but with dedicated resources such as RAM and connectivity, our Virtual Private Servers are highly customisable and provide you with almost all of the functionality of a dedicated platform but at a marginal cost. These start from just £30/month.

As all of our solutions are fully managed and include the WHM/cPanel management facility, you can host unlimited websites, email, SQL databases and much more within the resource specifications below.


If you would like a quote or for more information please contact us providing as much detail about your needs as possible.

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** Only applies to .co.uk / .org.uk / .com / .net / .org / .biz